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Dear parent/carer,


You will be aware of the impact of Covid19 on Education in Wales. All schools will be closing to pupils on Friday 20th March for the foreseeable future.


The Local Authority have agreed the following criteria for emergency childcare for the children of key workers during school closures.  The Local Authority definition of Key Workers at present is:


Those who work for the emergency services ‘Blue Light’ services e.g. NHS staff, Police, Fire Service, Prison Workers, Social Workers (including care workers in both the public and private sector) and School Workers.


This criteria must apply to both parents or to those children who live with a single parent.


This guidance is specific to Swansea Local Authority and may differ from the Government guidance.

If you meet this criteria you will be contacted by your school.  Only pupils whose parents meet the criteria will be permitted to use the Child Care hub.


The Dylan Thomas cluster of schools will be providing an emergency childcare hub at Townhill Primary School.  The hub will be staffed by representatives from all cluster schools.


The Hub will be open between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday and can be used flexibly between those hours.

Government advice is that the best place for all children is at home if at all possible.  Parents should only use this facility if they do not have alternative child care and should only be utilised whilst you are at work.


Yours sincerely,

 Dean J Phillips

Head teacher