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13th September 2017


Dear Parent/carer,

At Gendros Primary School we pride ourselves on being a school for all boys and girls, as stated in our vision statement: “We will nurture every child to become a responsible, considerate and caring individual, whilst taking with them lifelong memories.”

Unfortunately one of our pupils has been diagnosed with a severe nut allergy and can become very ill if in contact with nuts. Sadly the pupil is also highly sensitive to nuts if it is airborne or being eaten or has been eaten by another pupil.

From Monday 18th September 2017, to maintain the safety of this pupil, our Nursery School will be adopting a “no nuts” policy for all pupils and staff. All areas of the Nursery will be nut free, including the staff room and pupil areas. We also ask that you ensure that there are no traces of nuts on your child’s hands before Nursery.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept birthday cakes. If you wish to send in a small packet of sealed sweets we will happily send these out.

We recognise that this is an inconvenience and if you would like to discuss this matter further please contact the school office.

Thanking you for helping us keep all of our pupils safe.

Yours sincerely