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Here at Gendros Primary School we try to recycle as much as humanly possible.


Currently we posses two Colour LaserJet printers which all pupils and staff use to print off their work and  we continuously have to buy toners to ensure the continued usage of these printers.


Toners are one of the least recycled products - even though these can be re-manufactured a lot are just thrown into landfills and take thousands of years to completely degrade down to it's raw form. As the current figures stand - only 15% of toners which are thrown away are actually being recycled! This means that a huge amount are going to waste.


All of our toners are currently being recycled by "Recycle4Charity" - They are an organisation which re-manufacturers depleted toners and sells them on, and proceed's are given to a charity of our choosing. Currently all of our re-sold toners proceedings go to Barnardo's Charity.


If you want to donate a Printer Cartridge (except Laserjet Toners & Epson Cartridges) to the school to give to a good cause - then feel free to drop them off in Year 2!