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Please find below all of the information that is relevant to you and your child/ren as we prepare for our return to school.  Remember to check back here regularly as new information is added frequently in this ever changing time.  Please remember if you have any questions or are facing any issues that we can help with, you are able to email our Family Liaison Officer at any time, using the following email address :  We will endeavour to get a reply to you as soon as possible or will pass along to the relevant person.  Best wishes at this time.

Newsletter - 04.09.2020

Letter - Return to school information for September 2020

Emergency Childcare Newsletter (09.07.2020)

Letter from the Director of Education (09.07.2020)

A sneak preview of the inside of Gendros Primary School

We would like to show parents/carer's and pupils the inside of our school and how we have made things safe for our return.

Letter to parents from the head teacher 22/6/20

Letter from the Director of Education (22/06/2020)

Guidance from the Local Authority for Parents/Carers & Children about the return to school (22/06/2020)

Return to school video (19/06/2020)

A little video answering some frequently asked questions about our return to school.

Return to School - Further information letter (18/06/2020)

Return to school - Information Letter 1 (15/06/2020)