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"A School Built on Family Foundation"

Gendros Primary School is one of Swansea's family foundation based schools. Our main goal is to provide the best quality of education possible for our children - taking into account each child's needs, abilities and interests. We also strive to have the best resources available to all of our students to give them the best standard of education. Another of our goals is to provide a secure and caring environment in which every member of the school feels that he / she has a vital role to play.

Our ultimate aim intiative is to allow each child, irrespective of ability - to experience the dignity of achievement and learn without fear and we are constantly striving to create an ethos capable of creating a school-wide improvement, through continuous self evaluation by Staff, Governors, Parents and Pupils.

Our school curriculum is constantly under review - our primary aspect of this is to provide a broad based, balanced curriculum which can respond to changes in curriculum trends and standards. This will then enable our pupils to develop lively enquiring minds which they can then use to develop into the adult world as lifelong learning skills.

As a school, self-improvement is a goal we strive to place into pupils at an early age - this enables a child to confidently self-evaluate his/her learning in order to create individual improvement which they can then carry on to later stages of life. Ultimately however, we want to help each child become a caring, co-operative, considerate and useful member of the school and the wider community.


Here are some of our achievements as a school: