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We aim to equip children with the basic mathematical skills they will need in everyday life to foster an enjoyment in the manipulation of number as well an ability to use mathematical concepts to solve problems. Thinking skills are central to our teaching of Mathematics, to ensure children are able to apply a range of strategies to check the reliability of their calculations.

Throughout the school we attempt to develop an understanding of how numbers work and the use of basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We do this by providing a wealth of practical experiences that we know to be more effective and productive than teaching children a series of rules.  We always attempt to present realistic problems and investigations for children to explore by getting them to actively think, developing perseverance.

Confidence, understanding, logical thinking and enjoyment are all ingredients of mathematical development.  We try to help children to understand number relationships and mathematical concepts, to master basic number skills with understanding and to be confident in their work.  They are introduced to a wide variety of mathematical experiences from the earliest years and have a great deal of practical experience upon which to build. When children understand the processes and concepts we aim to develop quick recall. To this end children learn tables and we ask that you support this, but that you also talk to your children about numbers and how they interact with each other as this develops greater understanding which must underpin recall for a child to be an effective mathematician.